3 Do’s and Don’t for ordering at Restaurants

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Everybody recognizes that feeling… we maintain a healthy diet all week, then visit a cafe or restaurant with buddies or our spouse, and before we all know it, we’ve eaten a significant amount of making choices we regret the following day.

our gut health could be a Game-changer with regards to feeling energetic and balanced every single day. So take smart steps to possess a strong gut now.

Time Stamps –

00:00 – Intro

00:16 – Restaurant Tip #1

00:29 – Restaurant Tip #2

00:55 – Using condiments wisely

01:18 – Restaurant Tip #3

01:30 – 3 Restaurant Superfoods

01:38 – Broccolini

02:00 – Artichoke

02:35 – Onions

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