3 BEST Seafoods to avoid heavy metals and improve longevity!

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Have a real love for sea food? well don’t worry, lots of sea food is really healthy for you! Dr. Gundry Shares 3 of his favorite seafoods, plus some common seafoods that needs to be prevented.

Whenever you hear someone mention heavy metal and rock, the mind might wander to photographs (and sounds) of lengthy-haired rockers banging out aggressive tunes. But there’s several type of heavy metal and rock. Today, let’s discuss the chemical toxins present in particular foods.

Obviously, you’ll need to know by what chemical toxins are, which metals are actually chemical toxins, exactly what the Food and drug administration (Fda) states about heavy metal and rock concentrations in food.

Continue reading to understand more about contact with toxic metals and also the risk they might pose to the health:


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